• Ayçaguer S, Sannié T, Berger M, Borel-Derlon A, Chamouard V, Fondanesche C, Gay V, Guillon P, Lambert T and Traynard PY. Patients, family and healthcare professionals and mild hemophilia : qualitative analysis of needs. Haemophilia 2014, 20 (Suppl 3) : 1-186 : pp 136-137
  • Verheye JC, Sannié T, Baeza C, Andrade V, Gignon M, Boudraï-Mihoubi N, Crozet C, Robin L and d’Ivernois JF. Awarness of early sign of hemarthrosis : training designed by and for patients. Haemophilia 2014, 20 (Suppl 3) : 1-186 : pp 136.

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